Medical bill after separation

My spouse and I separated 4 months ago. After the separation, he was admitted to several different detox and rehab facilities. I am now being contacted by a bill collector from one of the hospitals because I was listed on the admissions papers as his wife. STBX will not take calls from the bill collector. The collector is telling me that I am responsible for 50% of the bill despite the fact that we were separated before he entered the facility. I am worried that this is going to mess up my excellent credit rating. Does the collector have any grounds to hold me responsible for this bill (I did not admit him into the facility). Can I call the collector and give them his employer information so they can possibly garnish his paycheck for this?

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There is a law called the doctrine of necessaries, in which you as your husband’s spouse could be held liable for any necessary costs your husband incurs (uninsured medical expenses) for so long as you are married. You are still technically married. I would suggest giving the collector his employer’s information however. I am not sure that garnishing would work though since we only have wage garnishment in limited circumstances in NC.

A similar question was asked earlier in the post. Can you explain the difference? Is it because medical bills differ somehow from other bills?
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My spouse and I separted a few months ago. They have been living with a relative since then and we do not have a formal separation agreement yet. Without an agreement, am I liable for half of any bills (particularly medical - elective) that they incur?
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Re: Bills incurred after separation
by crystalruss » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:30 pm

You are not liable for post-date of separation debts incurred by your wife in her name.

Yes, since the doctrine of necessaries can apply.