Medical expenses

My ex-wife took our son to the UNC children’s psych hospital two years ago, very much against my wishes. I did not believe this action was warranted and told her as much when she was doing this. Once he was checked in, they kept him for a week. He was discharged with no diagnosis, his evaluation only suggested he needed more structure in his life, more clarity about his daily schedule. Our separation agreement states that insured medical expenses will be split 50/50. Uninsured expenses require both parties to agree in writing. This hospital bill was insured, but the amount owed still totals $6000. I have refused to pay half because I felt so strongly this was unnecessary and even damaging. My question is what I am legally obligated to do - pay half of a bill that I so completely disagreed with, or pay half because our separation agreement says insured expenses will be split 50/50.

It really depends on the wording of the separation agreement. If the agreement says that all expenses will be split, then yes, you are obligated to pay your 50%. If the agreement has language that indicates that the expenses must be “necessary,” it sounds like you have an argument against paying the bill.