Medical insurance coverage on soon-to-be Ex-

What does the Separation Agreement (if any) say, and what do the health insurance plan documents say?

Usually, getting hitched, divorced, or a new baby is sufficient grounds for a mid-year change to the insurance, so once the divorce is granted, friend can drop the STBX immediately.

He might be obligated under his separation agreement to provide medical coverage until date of divorce, depending on what his health coverage is like.

If there is no separation agreement or court order, there is no legal requirement that any person provide health insurance for their spouse. However, they should notify their spouse that they intend to cancel the coverage so their spouse can make alternate arrangements.

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I have a friend who has been separated for more than 2 years and is getting ready to file divorce papers. He has been covering his soon-to-be Ex-wife under his company’s medical insurance plan. The plan is coming up for annual renewal period and of course he wants to drop coverage on her. How long does he legally have to provide medical coverage for her? Is it up until the time divorce is filed, up until time the divorce is granted? Is there a time specified by law, or does a judge usually follow some customary standard? Please advise. Thank you.