Medical Insurance

There are only certain events that allow the changing of medical insurance durning the year out side of open enrollement periods. (e.g. birth of a child, marriage, divorce but not seperation) But nothing is stopping him from lying. I would contact his HR department and find out what the company policy is about mid year changes.


Kelly, On a related note you might want to check the health insurance available through your school, some are available even to part time students. When I went back to school, the insurance that used to cost me $780/ month cost only $1675 per year through the school! Best of Luck!!

My spouse and I have separated and gotten back together various times over the past three years. I have finally had enough and decided to start my life over. My daughter (his step-daughter) and I are covered under medical insurance by his company. He is now trying to “strong-arm” me in to signing away ownership to our jointly owned truck which was purchased and paid for during our marriage. (Next week it will be something else) Can he in fact drop our health insurance coverage prior to a divorce? I have no problem with ultimately getting my own coverage however I have pre-existing health concerns that are very costly if they have to be addressed before new insurance steps in and begins coverage.
I am aware that I need to have a separtion agreement drawn up but going back to nursing school has my budget in such a tight squeeze and I fear it will have to wait until my taxes are done in February.
Do I have to get an attorney in the county where he lives?
Thank you kindly in advance for any advise.

Teresa Dreibelbis