Medical Necessity?

Are braces considered a medical necessity?

Our court papers state that poth parties split all costs of the minor child 50/50 for extracurriculars, lunch,and necessary medical. Any unnecessary medical expenses must be agreed on by both parties. If not, the proceeding party accrues all cost for the expense.

My child had no problem with chewing, teeth not cutting cheeks, not causing cavities, no difficulty swallowing, no gum diseases, etc. The only thing in the ortho consultation states is that the two front teeth are rotated and that her eye teeth are slightly smaller. I can not afford to split $6000 for braces. I have told him that I can not afford this and he did it anyway.

Would I be responsible for this? Where could I find an acceptable court definition on “medical necessity?”

A necessary medical expense is an expense that is integral to the child’s health and well being, in this case, braces do not meet that definition.