Military and seperation questions


I sent before finishing. We have had problems for years with his being selfish. I have put so much into this relationship that it makes me upset that I will have spent the last 12 years with him for naught besides our beautiful children. I have done everything and have tried to get him to change to think of his family instead of just himself, but it hasn’t happened. :frowning: I’m so unhappy.


I feel for you ready4newlife. Selfish describes my husband to a T! He tried to tell me I got a free ride for the last 10 years because his selfishness made me unable to work in order to insure our children were taken care of properly, cause HE was never there physically or mentally. Hes still not there for his kids, and is pretty pissed off that I want him to financially support them more than the minimum now. This from a man who supposedly loves his kids. EVERYTHING always came and still does come before us. Im not a lawyer, but I think him being away for 6 months counts as being separated because it is at least your intention to be separated. Only one party has to intend it to be permanent. Thank god for that!

Robin Nichols


Dear readyforareallife:

Greeintgs. Yes, the separation caused by deployment counts as long as you have stated your intent to your spouse to be separated (preferably in some writing). Thank you.

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I am a resident of North Carolina and husband is military. He is a resident of Washington. We have been seperated for almost 6 months due to deployment. We live overseas. Will the seperation from deployment count since I still live in the house? Am I to file in NOrth Carolina?

Thank you for your help!