Military pcs tdy or deployments


you don’t have to file for seperation you just have to move though it is best if you can get a signed seperation agreement prior to moving that details things like who pays for what, child support amounts, division of marital assets etc.



Dear ncsoldierswifenkids:

Greetings. Yes, of course you can ask for a separation, but you are separated the moment you continue to live separate and apart and one of you has the intent to live permanently separate and apart. Your behavior did not indicate that intent, so be clear in writing that you now have the intent to be separated and start counting the days from the day you send the e-mail/letter. Thank you.

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can a servicemember ask to file seperation from wife if he has been in another state or country do to military obligations/training and they have been back and forth to visit each other and had marital relations.