Minor child name change

Hello my name is Kevin Wilson, my wife and I were just married on February 14 of this year. We have been together for 7 years. We are wanting to have my step sons middle and last name changed to mine, he is currently 7 years old. The biological father has had no contact with him since he was 9 months old and that was at his former daycare and only for 5 minutes. I am all he has ever know as daddy. The biological father is under a child support order to pay $100.00 a month. I have provided all support for him since he was a baby. To me this is my son, and he doesnt know any different. Will this name change be possible? Thank you so much for your help.

Kevin Wilson

For a name change, you have to have both parent’s consent. In the alternative, you could consider terminating the biological father’s parental rights and proceed with adopting your step-son. Then, you could easily change his name.