Minor name change

Help!! I cannot get anyone to give me an answer to this question. My daughter is 8. Her father (who she had not seen since she was 2) died almost 4yrs ago. I have been remarried for 5 years and we have another child. I (and my daughter) would like to change her name to our name. Is this considered a simple minor name change (since her father listed on the birth certificate is deceased) that I can file through the courts myself or do I need the help of an attorney to submit the application for name change?

We do not handle that type of name change, but given the fact that her father is deceased it should be a simple process that you can complete at the clerk of superior court’s office.

I sure hope that I can do it myself. When I called the Wake Co. Special Proceedings Court Division the woman told me she was not sure that I could do it on my own. She thought that I would need to consult an attorney. I have not been able to find any attorney who deals with this “type of name change”. Everyone that I call either says that they can’t help me or says they will call me back and then doesn’t. I am not really sure even what forms to fill out or what documentation to take. I guess I would need her birth certificate and probably his death certificate. Do you just go to the court house and file the paperwork? Just really frustrating because I feel like I can’t find anyone to help me. Any further suggestions you could make, including where I may be able to get some help would be great!

Thanks so much!!!

The folks at the courthouse normally tell people they need an attorney for everything, I suggest you go down there in person and ask for the name change forms. You can also look at the statute and read more about it. Here is a site that has more information. http://www.namechangelaw.com/states/nc/northcarolina.htm