Name Change


I want to change the name of a minor child. No father is listed on the birth certificate. So, I shouldn’t need consent from the father according to the instructions on this form:

However, the minor was born in Florida, and thus the birth certificate was issued there. Can I petition the court in NC to change the name of a minor who was born in FL?


I do not handle cases involving the name change of minors, my best advice is to contact vital records in Florida to inquire as to the process there first.


Thank you for the response. I’m also interested in stipulating guardianship for my child in the event that something were to happen to me (death). Paternity has never been established, but I would not want the biological father of my child to have guardianship if I were to die. How could this be addressed? Last Will & Testament? Would parental rights of the other parent have to be terminated? Thank you in advance.


If the natural father is not named or has not been established you should be able to outline guardianship in your will. The need to terminate parental rights should not arises if the father has not been established. Again, I do not practice in this area so be sure to discuss this issue with the attorney who drafts your will.