Modify child support

My child is going to the School of Math and Science in Durham in the Fall. He is 16 and the only child ex is paying child support for. Older children have aged out. He wishes to modify CS for the child as the school is residential. There is no charge for the child to go to the school but i will still have costs of clothing, supplies, gas to pick child up and to visit,etc plus they come home once a month for a long weekend in addition to breaks and holidays. Ex wants me to settle on a modified amount but i wish to take it to the judge as I feel it should not be modified for something like that.

Of note ex doesn’t pay alimony as ordered or any college costs so could this be brought up in court to defend my case.


In my opinion you do have an argument that the child still makes his primary residence with you, and with that argument comes the argument that support should not be modified.