Monetary benefits above gross earnings

I know that i have always been told that child support is based off gross earnings however, i just read another post on here that made it seem as if monetary benefits that are paid on a regular basis can be considered in that calculation. My ex husband drive a company car free and clear. The company pays for all maintenance, tires, oil changes, tag, etc. He also has a company gas card. He has a company cell phone. Obviously, these expenses have to be paid out of my own pocket. I’m the one running the kids everywhere. We have 2 teenage kids who are very involved in athletics and extracurricular activities. Can any of this be considered in the calculation? I’ve always been told that a company car adds $10K per year to your salary plus all the other extras here should certainly be considered but not sure how this is handled. thanks for your input.

Yes, benefits if regularly recurring can be considered in a child support determination.