Monthly Income

I have recently started a new job after a year of receiving unemployment benefits. The new job is not salary and I am making a considerable amount less ($10,400) than when my child support order was initiated. The mother doesn’t work, she attends school full time through grants, she receives my sons SSI Disability, and FNS. We have legal joint custody. (every other week) She doesn’t supply lunch monies, clothing, shoes, hair cuts, etc. I am not complaining I love my children and do not have a problem supporting them. I would like things to be fair. When we separated I was in shock and honestly didn’t understand the process, all I wanted was to make sure I had my children as often as I could. When researching on how to modify child support, I haven’t seen what actually counts as her income. What do I count as her income when using the calculator?

You need to read the child support guidelines and determine what should be included and how it should be included. The grants should probably be included if she does not have to pay them back. SSI is usually included, but then gets taken back out of the obligation.