More on the "key" issue

Dear NC Mom of 3:

I would not even let him back in while you are there. If you let him in, he does not have to leave. Letting him in = not a good idea in my book. If he wants some of his stuff, let him pick a time, bring a truck, and pick it up after you move it outside.

The only other thing (minus a domestic violence action)that he can do is file a claim for equitable distribution to divide the house. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
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I understand that I don’t have to give him a key, but is there anything he can do to, legally, to get it? He hasn’t taken all of his belongings yet because of his current living arrangements,so, does this work against me? Or I can stick to my guns and tell him that he is not getting a key and if he needs anything, he can schedule a time to do it while I am there, no exceptions? I just want to make sure I can stand my ground legally or at least with the knowledge that it is within my rights. (And that I am not doing something that will hurt me in the long run). I also feel like it’s a matter of respecting my wishes and he isn’t willing to do so. (Of course,I haven’t heard anything from him yet either concerning this issue.)

Thanks [:)]