Mortgage questions

Been separated from ex for over year after 5 years of marriage. Bought a house during the marriage but the loan is in his name only. After I moved out, I stopped paying the mortgage. Now he has a job out of town and has filed for interim distribution requesting I pay half the mortgage. This despite the fact he has retained sole use of the house since the separation and continues to today. Am I responsible for this? Would a judge order it? Is there anything that can help me? Thanks! :slight_smile:

There is no law requiring you to pay half of the mortgage, and since your name is not on the promissory note, you have no legal obligation to do so. At the interim distribution hearing the judge will make a determination about the mortgage issue after viewing all of the facts and circumstances.

If your name is not in the loan statement then you don’t need to worry. Court will take after reviewing all the statements and conditions of the loan.
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