Motion 4 discovery


i have to appear in court this thursday for a equitable distribution hearing-what do i need to do to request a motion for discovery? She has made no effort to disclose any monies or inheritance she has,only figures she came up with of the value of our properties.She also gave me a motorcycle as a gift but has since sold it and keep all the proceeds ,even though i paid it off when attmption to refiance the house-can i attach this as a gift?She also thinks she can get 1/2 of my 401k but it no longer existed upon seperation -i had cashed it out earlier in order to pay things in a attempt to refiance our home


You need to file your discovery requests with the clerk of court and you may serve your ex at the hearing. Discovery requests are not motions, and you will need to list out specifically what documents you are requesting your ex produce.
I am not sure what the hearing is for, I am guessing it is an hearing for an interim distribution, or a pretrial conference, and not the full trial on Equitable Distribution. If the full trial is on the calendar I am afraid it is too late to file any discovery requests as there is a minimum period of 30 days for a response time.