Equitable Distribution

Thank you Ms Lindsey for answering my previous question :slight_smile: I received a new response from my ex’s Atty on 01/16/15.
New problem: We “separated” 12/09/2012, I preserved my right for alimony, my ex’s attorney states they dont not have to supply me with my ex’s proof of income since date of seperation. They also refuse to supply me with bank acct info so that I can complete my subpoenas. He said I would have to find out on my own what bank my ex hid our money in. Im trying to prove marital waste. The attorney says they dont have to give me any financial information that EXHIBIT H entitles me to investigate.
How will I put my case togther without this information?
What is the point of EXHIBIT H, if the other party doesnt have to at least provide the name of their financial institutions?

Thank you.

If they are still not responding to your formal discovery requests, you can file a motion to compel. The judge can order that they comply with your requests pursuant to the rules of discovery. I would file the appropriate motion so that you can get access to the information you are looking for.

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