I have several questions,but I won’t post them all!

1.) Spouse is military, may possibly retire soon. What am I entitled to as a spouse (married almost 20 years- we separated at 18 years)
2.) Spouse will give me no information on Income , and out of state bank accounts funded with marital money.What can I do to get this information?
3.) We had been separated a few times over the last 7 years (2 1/2 years this last time, then reconciled 8 months now separated again 6 months) we are divorcing this time, all that time I received between $1800-$2000 month. Recently spouse closed all joint accounts, took all the money and control over all the bills. And decided to “give me $800 a month as support until divorce”. I haven’t worked in 5 years. When I file P-Separations support can I ask for the amount I was receiving? Spouse took control of bills including motgage, does that mean spouse can deduct mortgage payment from support ? I’ve asked to pay the mortgage while recieving the support according to standard of living. Mortgage is $850 month, I live in the home and have since he had left me for another woman 4 years ago. ( sorry probobly squeesing in alot of stuff so i’m understood).
4.) I’m strapped financially and will probobly go the Rosen DIY route, I don’t want to make any regretted mistakes filling out forms, how much is your fee to look over documents and give advice?
5.) How much does it cost to file a p-sep support if I do it myself? Anywhere to look up those fees in my County?

  1. You are entitled to equitable distribution where a judge determines the percentage of marital and divisible assets each party should receive. You may also be entitled to alimony depending on your circumstances.
  2. If you can’t get this information voluntarily, you will have to utilize discovery including document requests and subpoenas to obtain the information. You must have a pending court action for this.
  3. You should be asking for enough in PSS to at least cover your expenses. We usually determine the amount to request based on a number of factors including the income and expenses of both parties.
  4. Rosen Online will assist you in completing the forms. If you want additional assistance, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.
  5. The current filing a court action is $150. If you include a claim for divorce, the fee is $225.