Motion for temporary parenting order?

Souse and I have been separated 7 months. I filed a lawsuit against him b/c he stopped paying any sort of support and also filed for sole custody, spousal support , alimony etc. Court date is finally in August. I find out he is working w/ his attorney to file a motion for temp. parenting order all of a sudden. Why would he be doing this now when we have a court date next month to address cusody and would it even be addressed before our court date. We filed the lawsuit first week of June and got the August court date.

He is likely trying to get some time with the child in the interim period between now and the court date.

But would a judge even look at this or would it get processed soon. We have a court date in a month regarding this very issue.

Yes, a temporary parenting hearing can be set if the court has room on the docket and finds that a hearing is warranted.