Moved out of state and spouse will not file

My wife and I separated almost a year and a half ago. We have our separation agreements signed and everything is handled, but now she is dragging her feet about filing to finalize the divorce. I live out of state now…do I have to come back in town just to submit paperwork if she won’t do it? Can this be done via mail or proxy or anything?

Thanks in advance.

If she still lives in NC then you could hire an attorney to complete the divorce so you wouldn’t have to come back. If you’d like to explore this option please give us a call.

not an attorney

Depending on how long you’ve lived in the new state, you can file in the state you live in. Just check the residency requirements for the state you’re in now. Even though NC has a 1 year and a day requirement, other states have different requirements. For example, in Florida, it’s only a 6-month waiting period/residency requirement. If everything else is already hammered out, list that in the divorce complaint and it should go through smoothly after she’s served. Or, you could do what the attorney just suggested. :wink: