Moving kids from state to state

My ex husband and I have been in major custody battles. I had moved to NC and been trying to fight through Michigan courts to get my 3 boys here in school. My ex had taken my 9 yr old out of school and is home schooling him, although he is not getting a curriculum and he’s behind academically and I know he needs school. He was here in school in NC during 2012 and the judge felt to keep the boys together so I had to send my son back to MI. He than started all his behaviors and is always in trouble. I need him here in NC with mom and advice on how to proceed! I have a strong case my lawyer in MI feels I can win! What can I do to get my boys here for the school year when they have always been with me from birth? My son is angry and wants to be in NC and go to school here with his sister. I was NOT informed of the home schooling until after he was already out and begun. Please help?

It sounds like Michigan may still have jurisdiction over your case. Take a look at our article: which state has jurisdiction in custody cases.

If Michigan remains the home state of the children, then any motion to modify would need to be filed in Michigan. I would discuss this with your Michigan attorney.