Moving out of NC with daughter

I wanted to see what I need to do in order to move out of state. Me and my ex boyfriend have a 2yr old daughter. I have pretty much had full custody and been a sole provider for her since June. We have been seperated since the begining of June bc I left him because he was controlling and violent to me. He hasnt stepped up to the plate with spending time with our daughter nor has he given me child support every month on the date we agreed upon. There is no legal documentation yet. He has a criminal past and I do not think he will budge getting the law involved. I have a sick mom who I need to go help take care of out of state ASAP.

The biggest concern with moving out of state is that based on the child custody statutes, you could have an emergency child custody ordered entered against you for evading the jurisdiction. If the father isn’t going to put up a fight, you should try to get him to sign an agreement. If that does not work, you should file an action in NC before moving. I would also suggest you consult with an attorney in your area for assistance, as this is certainly a delicate matter.