My ex's family trying to bribe my kids to lie about me?

My ex took our girls out of state to visit his family for easter. I was ok with this as we had previously discussed it. He and Ido not have a formal custody arrangement. He brought the girls back Tuesday afternoon and they seemed a bit upset. I gave them some time and talked to them. Turns out his family is telling them lies about me, ex: Idont take care of them, feed them, help with school, fundraisers, don’t spend time with them etc…all of which is not true at all! Then they were trying to make the girls say those things to them and telling them if they don’t they won’t get treats, toys, special outings, go to movies, etc…my girls say their dad didn’t have a part in it because he wasn’t there but mostly out doing his own thing. I know kids need to have both sides of their family, but is there anything I can do so my ex’s family can’t pull this again? My girls are really upset because they had to listen to the lies and they were forced to lie themselves or miss out on everything.

If you and your ex are able to come to an agreement about custody, you should consider putting it into a consent order. In the order, you should include that neither party will make disparaging remarks about the other to the children or in the presence of the children, nor will either party allow others to make disparaging remarks in the children’s presence. It is difficult to control the actions of 3rd parties, but if he knows this behavior is happening and there may be consequences to him if he continues to allow it, he may be inclined to convince his family to stop. If you are think that a consent order is possible, you should consider using Rosen Online to help draft the order.