It definately sounds like parental alienation to me. You need a lawyer, maybe you could get custody of your daughter.

that would be wonderful but i doubt it. my ex is very controlling and manipulative. she doesn’t even let me talk to my daughter when i call. i took video of my daughter telling me all this to take to court … i just need to know what to ask the judge and what to say in my show cause order.

this is so frustrating!

Make sure you document everything she does. Try to get her on tape admitting that she is telling your daughter that you are not her father. My husbands ex is very manipulative as well, but we documented everything and were able to prove in court that she was lying. Good Luck.

I guess the first thing will want to do is to find out if the child is really yours or not and if shes lying then the Judge will really come down hard on her but if she right you will have to cut your ties with the child and move on so you and your child should go get tested immediatly, and if you can don’t let the ex know the results(if she is yours)untill your day in court. element of suprise.

The assumption made by the court is any child born of a marriage is legally your child unless a paternity test proves otherwise. If it has already been established that she is your child (your name on her birth certificate), you have every right to seek child custody. If your ex believes you are not the father then she will have to prove it herself in court. You need to file for custody ASAP, let the Judge review the situation. Make sure you have all you documentation and evidence before you go to court. Get the best attorney you can afford, an attorney can help you get all of your stuff together so that you will be totally prepared for court.

Also, it might be a good idea to attend counseling with your daughter. She maybe a bit confused by all the things her mother is saying. You can also use the findings of the counselor to help prove your case of parental alienation.

make sure you get a court approved one if you are planning to use anything in court…I learned that the hard way…its like hired guns if not. I still take my daughter to her therapist though, who is not court approved, for her to be able to talk. Depends on what you want the counseling for is all I am saying, please don’t think I am trying to be cold, just define what the therapy is for first…good luck

there is no question as to whether or not she is my daughter … she is. My ex is simply trying to play it off like she not not. I have visitation I see her, my daughter calls me Dad … this is simply a matter of my ex wanting everything to appear pretty to her neighboors … pretending she has a prefect little family.

I picked up my daughter tonight tonight … and the newest thing is … I had explained to my daughter about going to court and what divorce is (she was young when we split only 2) and she told me her mother told her that she(her mother) went to see the judge and told the judge she wanted her husband to be her father and not me. I AM, there is no doubt about that … my ex is just trying to have her cake and eat it …

i bought a book for my daughter to try and make all this make sence to her … i think she is starting to get it, but she is sad about her mom lying to her. she is understanding that her mom is lying … i just hope she doesn’t get screwed up from all this. i hate what she is doing to my little girl! i just want to stop her

Why is your ex telling the child lies about you being her father and what does the step father say about her doing this, I take it you and the step-dad don’t talk.

the ex thinks this is the best way not to confuse my daughter … since the other 2 kids call him daddy she should too, and why not go a step further and make it seem real … she went so far as to not include my daughter in her wedding so she would think she hadn’t been born yet!!!

her husband thinks this is fine, everytime we talk he threatens to kick my ass … so no we don’t talk often

I’m believe everybody do things for a reason but your daugther will call the person daddy who treats her like daddy treats their daughters so it is possible that she will call both of you daddy.

no! my brother did not marry my ex, i don’t have a brother.

What happened was that she cheated on me, we got divorced, she married the guy she was cheating with. She has since had 2 more kids and tells MY daughter that HER husband is her real father and tells MY daughter that I am HER uncle, not her father. Why does this not make sense to you?

Moreover, she admitted she does this, and feels she is completly within her rights to do so. I disagree of course