Alienation of the child

I say yes! It is alienation. My brothers ex refers to her newest husband as their daddy and my nephews are their boys. Makes me want to spit nails, preferably at her and this other guy. In my brothers situation he was left for this dufus.

I would think its not if what she says is true and it probably depends on how she told the child, if its true don’t you think the sooner the better. at age 6 the child has time to adjust to it.

i know for a fact that it is really going on. I confronted her about it, and she not only admitted to it she told me to deal with it. she also refuses to let me speak to my daughter when i call for her, and told me “i have no right to speak to my daughter” Please Help me on this!!

So your brother married your ex, So I guess the question is, Is it true? and if its not then she is doing alot of harm to the child and if it is you need to accept it and play the role of the uncle which you are. Its not AofA if its true.

no! my brother did not marry my ex, i don’t have a brother.

What happened was that she cheated on me, we got divorced, she married the guy she was cheating with. She has since had 2 more kids and tells MY daughter that HER husband is her real father and tells MY daughter that I am HER uncle, not her father. Why does this not make sense to you?

Moreover, she admitted she does this, and feels she is completly within her rights to do so. I disagree of course

my ex wife is remarried with two more children from her new husband. My daughter (age 6) recently told me that her mother tells her that her step-father is her real father and that I am her uncle. We have an order that states that neither of us are allowed to do or say anything to or in front of the child that may alienate them from the love and affection of either party. does her informing our daughter that I am not her father count as alienation? What should I ask the court to do to remedy this?