My mistake,am i married?


even tho you fibbed on the dates, yes you are still divorced as long as the judge said you was, and yes you are by law considered married to your new wife.


Lying in court is perjury. I would still wait for an attorney answer on this site.


I did a search on the subject of perjury on this site and found an answer from Janet which states that perjury is a felony and you are not legally divorced if you committed perjury. Click on the Search option on the top of the page and look for ‘perjury’. Good Luck.


Dear Justme44:

Greetings. nwkltl is correct - legally you are not divorced as the grounds for divorce in North Carolina is being separated one year and one day. However, even though you are in a bigamous marriage, the court may deem your second marriage valid for the purposes of alimony and equitable distribution, even if it is not a valid marriage for other purposes. Interesting question…bad place to be in, no? Good luck.

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I was left by my wife at the time on Oct 21,1999.I met another woman in January of the following year. (2 months and 2 weeks after my 1st wife Left. I and the woman started Dating and in June found out we needed to get married sooner than we thought. My STBX at the time wanted to help. So we both Lied and backed our separation date . We were divorced on July 6, 2000. And my wife and I got married the next day. Am I married? Sorry for the missed key stroke on the last post.