My rights to keep daughter out of bar and grill

I have sole physical custody of my 12 YO and he is allowed visitation based on us mutually agreeing (there is no set schedule at all)

We have joint legal custody with me having final say if we disagree.

My question

My X takes my daughter into a bar & grill which I have explicitly said I do not want her there. This is not in our agreement that she can’t go in but he is aware of my feelings.

(just to be clear - I don’t have a problem with them stopping in to eat and say HI to friends - I have a problem with her hanging out in there for hours with a bunch of adults getting drunk (his friends) - I have a problem with him only seeing his daughter 1 day a week if she is lucky and them spending that time in a bar and grill with other adults)

So is there anything legally I can do to get this behavior to stop? Can I call the police, can I just forbid him to see her for while (since we both have to agree to his visitation). Because it is a bar & Grill kids are allowed in there. Just not the atmosphere I want my daughter exposed to weekly!!!

You didn’t mention legal custody. If he has joint decision making authority, he should have the right to made decisions about where she spends her time during visitation. You could refuse to ever mutually agree to visitation, but he would then likely seek a modification, and the court would likely not appreciate you withholding visitation.