My stbx has moved to SC, can we sign our sep agreement there

My stbx wife has moved to SC, and she is now ready to sign the sep agreement but she will not come back to NC to do it. Is it ok for us to sign it down there in SC and have it witnessed and notarized by a SC notary? If not is there any option other than her coming to NC? Maybe she can sign it there, and have it notarized, and then I sign it here and get it notarized here?



During my separation and divorce, my now X lived (and still does) in Kansas, I lived in NC.

Her (NC) attorney sent 2 copies of the separation agreement to my X, my X signed them and got them notarized (by a Kansas notary), sent the signed & stamped agreement copies to my attorney (in NC), and I then signed the agreement and had it notarized in NC.

So it doesn’t matter where either of the parties are, as long as there is a notary handy.

Yes, you may have your wife sign in SC and you may sign in either SC or NC.