My wife left us and wants to come back and kick me out

My wife left the kids and me 5 weeks ago. She and I both agreed that I should stay with the kids in the house and she would leave and stay with a friend. She works part-time from 5 am to 9 am and I get up with the kids and get them off to school. She has recently started seeing a counselor for depression and is on medication. Her counselor is suggesting that after school gets out for the three children (which is in 10 days) she should move back in to the house regardless of mine or the children’s feelings and that I can leave if I want to, without the kids of course. I don’t want either scenario to happen. What should I do to make sure she can’t come back into our home like that and to make sure she can’t take the kids out of the home too?

Since your wife left the home with the intention of living elsewhere, you are entitled to exclusive possession of the home. You may absolutely change the locks and refuse her access to the home.