NC Child Support Calculator

I plugged in the incomes in both the NC child support calculator on the state and the Rosen site and I am coming up with two diffrent amounts.
Which is more accurate? Both of us has 1 child from a diffrent relationship. The state child support website calculates diffrent amount for responisbilty for other children while the Rosen calculator uses the same amount for responsability.
Can someone give me some guidance?

The state child support calculator is more accurate and is the one used in court. If you both have children from other relationships, you must also include the “other parent” of that child’s income, if the parent lives with you. The amount calculated as responsibility for the other child has everything to do with the incomes of the parents, as child support is calculated based on a percentage of the parents incomes. So if you and your ex have different incomes, then you will have different responsibilty amounts for your other children.

The calculator will guide you through 5 steps. At the end of Step 5, simply click on “calculate” to see your recommended child support order. If you need to change the information you provided, click on the back arrow and change whatever you need to change. Then proceed to step 5 and and click “calculate” again. After you have clicked on “calculate”, click on “download to pdf” and the calculator will fill in the calculations on the appropriate child support form for you.So you should know your child support from this calculator very easily.