Need step by step instruction


Oh I am sorry I forgot to metion that I am in the state of North Dakota


I have been fighting this battle for 14 years. I was married once before, it was a very violent marriage, I left that marriage but did not file right away for divorce out of fear that he would find me, getting my life back together and I was so mixed up that i had to get emotionally back to the person I was before the marriage. Almost 2 years after I left my x I met a wonderful man that I wanted to marry. I filed for divorce and it was granted. About 8 months after the divorce was finalized, I became pregnant with my 2 husband child. When I gave birth I was just floored, they said due to some law that if a child is CONCIEVED within 300 days of a divorce that the child will be considered the result of the first marriage!!! I refused to give them the name of my x, and tried to explain to them that he was now in prison for finding me and beating me up badly again while I was pregnant and he threaten to kill me and the bastard child I was carrying. So the name on my son birth record is blank. But they did make me give my son my first marriage last name, even tho I was married to his real father. Vital told me that if I proved my husband was the father then the would change the last name and add him to the father. Back then DNA was just not that handy and when it started to be it was very expense, we are not wealthy people and it took us years to save the money for the test. We got it done 3 years ago, and as we knew it stated that my husband was his father. Gloating we went to vital with the test results but they said it was not enough, that we had to have a judge declare him as the father and order the change! We have tried and tried to find out how we can get in front of the judge. I know it is open and shut case but to get in front of him is the problem, the clerk sends us on our way with every paper I bring in to file to get us in front. There is no way we can come up with enough money to hire a attorney. Legal does not help with cases like this. My son deserves to have his father on his record and his last name, his father deserve to have it shown that he is father. I am still very happily married to that man and it is unfair what the state made us do. Can anyone please tell me what I did to write to get us in front of the judge??? What is the motion called?? What are some of the basice I need to put on it. We do not want to do a name change form cause that is just changing his last name and not adding the father to the birth certificate. I am near tears and so tired of the frustration. I wished we could hire attorney but I cant food out of the mouths of my kids to hire one. Please any help would be so greatly appreciated