Need to file in NC but recently moved to MA

My boyfriend has been separated for 3 years; they had no children or property. We moved to MA a few months ago for my job. She continues to make excuses not to file and won’t even give him her address to send papers. We can’t file from MA until we have been here a year and he wants to get on with it. My question is: Is there a way he can file for a divorce in NC without having to physically be at the courthouse? What should we do? Thanks!

** Not a Lawyer**

I filled out all my paperwork myself, but paid a lawyer to check it and to file it for me, and to make sure all my t’s were crossed and I’s dotted, and I never went to court myself.

Approximately how much did that cost?

There are ways to file without having to be present. You can mail all your filings in, and submit a divorce order for entry by the clerk. You can use our divorce guide to assist you in filing remotely, but the easiest thing to do would be to hire an attorney to handle it for you.