Needed: Tips for Prepping for Mediation and or Hearing


I’m a great father that is filing a motion for change in custody(for very good reasons). Does anyone have any suggestions/tips as to what I can do now that will help my case in both mediation and/or if we go to trial? Things such as notes, etc… Any tips at all will be greatly appreciated.


Document everything. EVERYTHING. You say you’re a great dad? Document it. Document what you do with your child. If your ex is denying you phone time, document that. Try not to use the phone to communicate with your former spouse; use email so that you’ve got a paper trail. Not sure what you mean by “notes.”


There is another great site I used when I was going to get custody of my daughter. The site is called and it was very helpful and has lots of information. Hope this helps…


Be prepared for an uphill battle. You have to prove that your ex is unfit and that there has been a substantial change in the lives of the children that would be satisfied and put them in a better state physically and emotionally by being with you. Judges are reluctant to change custody just because someone decides they want the kids…especially if it’s been more than a year…

The burden of proof is on you, so be prepared to have substantial proof to back your request.