Needing clarification on forms for finalizing a divorce


I have been separated for over a year and wish to finalize my divorce.

I have a legal separation agreement, which states my child custody and child support, but not property division.

I would like clarification on what forms I need to fill out, so that I am legally covered in terms of continuing our agreement to 50% custody, continuing child support payments monthly, 1/2 of his pension and a % of our home.
I understand I must complete the Absolute Divorce documents, BUT, will I also need to download the child support, child custody and assest division forms that you have online ? (I have decided to use your forms).
Is it legally sufficient to just complete the Absolute Divorce Document and mention within the arrangment in the separation agreement?

Im trying to find the cheapest way of doing this.
I appreciate your help,

Thank you,


You will need to enter into a Separation Agreement concerning your, property, or file an ED claim along with your divorce.
Our DIY site offers the forms you will need, along with access to step by step instructions on how to proceed with the divorce (and other claims) and access to a divorce coach who can answer your questions along the way.