New Separation Info - Verification?

My separation agreement states:

“From and after the execution of this Agreement, both parties shall live whole and separate and apart from each other, each free from the marital control and authority of the other to the same extent as though each were sole and unmarried. Each of said parties shall have the right to reside at such place or places and with such person or persons as he or she may desire or deem fit with respect to the minor child…In general, except for the rights and duties established by this Agreement, the parties shall hereinafter live as though the had never been married.”

Take that how you will…to me it sounds like you can have a relationship (sexual or not) with anyone you (or your spouse) pleases. It all depends on how your separation agreement is stated. You can both agree on provisions that can prevent each of you from being in a relationship or co-habitating with one of another sex.

Hope this helped!

Hi, I was told today that the NC Separation has just recently changed regarding dating/seeing other people during the separation period. I was under the impression that you could NOT have an adulturous affair or date others during the separation period. Apparaently, it is now ok, to see others while separated and it is not considered as a “fault,” or adulturous anymore. Can anyone confirm that? Is that actually true or just a rumor? Thank you.