New situation


My wife and I are on the cusp of splitting…many friends and relatives I have live out of state. I am wondering if it is safe to have an email account (or use Facebook) to which my wife does not have access so I can communicate openly…or is it something which she can demand access to later on so she can use anything I may say against me??..Should I not use my home computer for correspondence?
I just don’t want to create a situation where something I may say can be taken out of context or used against me that was a private correspondence.


I do not recommend you communicate via Facebook or any other social networking site. These pages are accessible online, and can be used as evidence in court.
Setting up a private email account on your own computer is fine. The home computer is marital property, and there is little in the way of an expectation of privacy on that machine.


So, having a private email but using it on another computer or work computer (but not work email) should be ok??..


Yes, just make sure there is no keystroke logger on the machine.