I was able to delete the password on our home computer (my husband and I are separated) and get into his email and found some very interesting stuff. Can I use what I found against him in negotiating our separation settlement or is this illegal? We both have access to this computer but had different passwords to enter. He says I have broken privacy laws.

You may want to read NC General Statutes 14-458 and 14-453 for definitions. Bottom line, from reading the statute, you’re in violation of the law and it’s a Class 3 misdemeanor. I’m not an attorney and can’t interpet the law or the statute for you. But before presenting emails in court that you didn’t have authorization to access, I would definitely seek legal advice on the matter.

Interception of another person’s emails are illegal and the emails should not be used.

Is it also illegal to hack into a password-protected social networking site - for example to gain unauthorized/unwanted access to someone’s MySpace account?