He read my emails!


My stbx - we are separated - read my emails! I don’t know how he got the passwords, I have changed them now. Is this illegal? How can I prove he looked at them? Can I go to my internet company and find out if he looked at them? Help please. Feel violated.


Changing all your passwords will not be enough if he has access to your computer. There might be software on there that is logging everything you do. Does he have access to it?


No. But is what he did illegal?


If he doesn’t have access to your computer physically, and he’s somehow hacking into your account remotely. I believe that is indeed illlegal.


There is a “Tort of Intrusion Upon Private Affairs of Another” which is a civil action (not criminal). Depending on how he obtained the emails, he may be subject to additional criminal and civil penalties, as well. The practical problem may be finding a district attorney who finds your case important enough to prosecute.