Computer hack


My husband no longer lives in our home. We share a computer and each have our own login. I do not know his password but would like to get some spread sheets that he saved. Of course he will not give me his password so is it legal for me to hack the computer to get his password??

Also…what are his rights as far as collecting his mail? He wants to get it everyday and I say no. He says I can’t hold his mail from him. I told him to change his address and he won’t do it.



It would seem to me that if he is no longer living in the home that he shouldnt have access to the computer… but thats just my thoughts, Im sure a lawyer can advise you of the appropriate answer.

As for the computer itself. Every computer has an Administrators account and password. In most cases (for general users) the administrative password when a computer is initially set up is left blank. So, in essence you could use the log in of Administrator, leave the password blank and hit enter to log in. HOWEVER, if the administrative password has been set to something else, or the account renamed, you are going to have a bit more of a problem getting the information. It can be done, but it requires more work, and someone knowledgeable to assist you.

whats to prevent you from submitting a change of address for him?


You are under no obligation to allow your ex to come by daily to collect his mail, in my opinion once a week is sufficient.

As for the computer, since it is a family computer, I presume you are seeking to open spreadsheets relating to the marital finances? If so, I don’t see anything wrong with locating these files on the machine, but would refrain from using the work “hack”.