E-mail Hacking


My soon to be ex wife hacked into my gmail account and read emails, and used it to gain access to blogs, my facebook and myspace accounts. This is clearly illegal and I am wondering if I can file charges and whom I would file them with. She is in NC and I am in Michigan. Would this be a matter for the state or local police in NC?


Federal Law does not prohibit reading emails, only intercepting them.


huh…from what I have read about the electronic privacy act, since the emails were not stored on the computer, but rather kept on the secured GMAIL IMAP server the act of accessing it without permission and then using it to gain access to other secured accounts is very much a criminal act.


You are correct. When the information is stored as it was here it is unlawful to access those files. The act is punishable as a criminal offense if it is committed for purposes of commercial advantage, malicious destruction or damage, or private commercial gain, or in furtherance of any criminal or tortuous act in violation of the law.
You may also pursue a civil suit against her for her actions.