No Paramour Order

I just ran across this info on another site and wanted to inquire about whether it’s possible for it to be issued in the state of NC.

A “no paramour order” basically orders that the children NOT be able to be around the other party’s boyfriend/girlfriend. My daughters love my boyfriend very much and enjoy his company and he’s been a great help to us when their father hasn’t bothered to support them and spends money on PI’s, high cost attorneys, tickets to concerts and more. My boyfriend is a good man who is very good to all of us including my parents.

Can the STBX possibly request that a “no paramour order” be issued in court?

It is not called a “no paramour order” that I know of here in NC, but judges can include such provisions in custody orders if they find such a restriction to be in the best interests of the children. I am seeing this happen less and less however, unless it can be proved the paramour is a danger to the children.

But if custody has already been mediated and submitted through the courts, he can’t really go back and have that changed correct? (or try to)

My boyfriend is no danger. No record, no drugs, no alcohol and has even stopped smoking.

To change custody to include such a provision your ex would have to demonstrate that a substantial change of circumstances has occurred. Since entry of the last order.