Domesticating an order and modifying it

My son is 14. We live in NC and my ex lives in VA. We were married and divorced in VA. Our sons custody order is also thru VA. My son has been having issues with his father forcing him to come visit when he doesn’t want to. I told my son that my hands are tied that the order has to be followed or I would get in trouble. My son asked about getting the order changed so that it read that he could go with his father to visit when HE wants to, not when his father wants. Right now he is supposed to go for easter/spring break and he does NOT want to. He wants to hang out with his friends, he tried telling his dad but his father said he is coming no matter what. I want to know if I can make it so that the order is changed to the courts here in NC, can my ex contest me changing places?we have never lived in VA only he has. Also, can I do it on my own or do I have to have an attorney? What about modifying it as my son wants?