Foreign Custody Order

I just moved to NC from a different state. Unfortunately, the current custody order is not in my favor now that I live in the same state as my child and ex. How do I get this order changed, and get it done ASAP? Is it quicker to hire an attorney and let them handle it? What is my best course of action to get my foreign order changed and how long will it take? I’m not even on the “pick up list” at his daycare center, and the ex will not change that until a judge tells her to. I found this out the hard way, as I went to pick him up for lunch, next thing I know, the local sheriff is escorting me off property(Calvary Church) like I’m a criminal! All I wanted to do was have lunch with my son!

The oder needs to be changed, ASAP. Thanks for your help.

You have to file a petition to register the foreign custody order. Once the order has been registered, you can file a motion to modify custody.