Child Custody Modification


There is a change in circumstance coming soon concerning my child custody. I will file for a child custody modification as soon as this change is taking place. I will represent myself Pro Se. I have had two attorneys but I ended up filing complaints against them with the NC State Bar. All attorneys are in cohoots with one another. I have found NC Child Custody Modification information packets online but I would like to review an actual Motion for Modification of Custody Order. Do anyone know how I could do this or does anyone have a recent one that I could obtain? Thank you!!!

I dont know if this is the right place to start, but I really need some help on where I can get a lawyer who works with veterans in child custody cases. I AM 100 service conected and the mother of my child is absolutely ruthless. She is so cuning and mean its absolutly unheard of. I am not a paper pusher and I dont know where to go for help please someone help me?

Do you have an email? I would like to send you a private message!

O,yeah i also can’t to know that i also not a paper pusher and I dont know where to go for help please someone help me? and i am also newbie hare at this plat forum

You will have to show that there has been a change in circumstances since the final custody order was made. When both of you agree on the changes to be made to the parenting plan, you may file the agreement (stipulation) for modification with the court. some of the steps involved in modification are,
[ul]Filing of Motion
Service of Summons
Completion of litigant awareness program
Completion of parent education program
Pre-trial hearing
Entry of Judgment[/ul]