My ex and I signed a separation agreement in September of 2011, but unfortunately it had a no incorporation clause so it could not be submitted during our divorce in May 2012. Because of this, my ex refused to pay any child support until June and since then has gotten 2 months behind. The state took him to court to get an order which started November 1, because my children have Medicaid. I have more than upheld everything on my end of the agreement, but I am tired of him ignoring his end, not just the finances which have been taken care of now, but also the custody agreement. He completely ignores what the agreement says and just does whatever he wants. I would like to get a custody order so that I am not subject to his whim of the day. What would be the best way to go about this? Does it need to be exactly what was in the agreement or can I change it a little? He was getting the children every other Monday because he was off of work that day but has since changed jobs and still wants them just so he can leave them with a babysitter. We homeschool so that’s a whole day out of my schedule that I have to work into the other days of school. I was willing to do that in the interest of them having more time with their dad but not just so he can show me he will do whatever he wants. Is there any way for me to do this myself or will I definitely need an attorney to handle it? Even a consultation fee is going to require me to save up for a few months.

It sounds like you need to file an action for child custody. If you cannot afford an attorney, Rosen Online might be a solution for you. We will help you with your case by answering questions and providing forms for a monthly fee.