Custody agreement letter

My ex and I have come to an agreement between our children and decided not hire lawyers. Is there any way we could document our agreements and present it at the court house upon a judge? We just need the agreement to be legal.

You can outline your agreement in a Separation Agreement which is a contract between the two of you, it does not need to be approved by, entered, or filed with the court and is binding once signed by each of you before a notary public.

He also agreed for me to take the children out of state and continues to pay child support. Could that also be included in the agreement? If so, how do I go about having the child support transferred?

Child support which is outlined in an agreement is not registered with the state, and need not be transferred.

You NEED a judge to sign it in order for it to be enforceable. Take it from me, I just went through this with my son. We had an agreement that we both signed in front of a notary and it was even filed with the clerk of courts, everything was fine until I filed for child support and then his father refused to return him. I thought the agreement would be enough to have my son returned, WRONG! It must be signed by the judge or it will not be enforced should you have problems in the future.

Does Rosen Law Firm website have a sample agreement letter where I could download and input both parents agreement and have it notarized?

If he is agree and let you to keep the kid along with it if he is ready to support you financially. then what is that more which you need. just go for it.

We have sample agreements as part of our DIY service.

Where can I find the DIY sample?