No Traspass


My ex filed a ex parte and was denied. In it she made a claim that she has a “no traspass” against me. I have never been served in any manner. The court date is coming up soon and I wanted to know what does someone have to do to get a no traspass put against them. This will help me to better defend myself against this false claim. She said that all she had to do was go to the police station and ask for it.


If you and your ex are no longer living together, and she is in the martial residence, your return to the residence is a domestic criminal trespass.


I’m sorry I did not realize that I left out some info. She has sold the house and found a new one. I am also living in my own place. We have already sign a seperation agreement and are in the final stages of signing a court order pertaining to our custody hearing. The no trespassing is in referance to me coming over to get my son from her house. She says this when there is a problem between us. Even though she asks me to come to her house and pick up my son. She makes no attempt to bring him to me. This is why I believe that there is not a “no trespass” against me. If so in order for it to be valid and enforceable I presume that it would need to be filed through the courts, is this true?


If there was some sort of no trespass Order, you would have to know about it.