Non - Communication From Custodial Parent

My son’s father haven’t been communicating with me regarding matters concerning our 8 year old son for 6 years now (Ever Since He gotten permanent custody). How can I prove a Show Cause against him? I have emails that I had sent him, recorded phone calls, and text messages showing his unwillingness to communicate with me and nonresponsiveness (Not replying back to them). He just refuses to talk to me about anything important or nonimportant that concerns my child. He doesnt even let me know about important events like my son’s Baptisim and I end up missing them because of the communication issue with my son’s father. So I do not know what to do? Because I am trying to be fully involved in my son’s life and he is preventing me to do so.

When my son calls me to talk to me every night…I would tell my son to hand his dad the phone so I can get the information that I am requesting about my son from him. But his dad will not let him hand the phone to him sometimes and tell my son to not to hand the telephone to him and tells him, “Your mother is suppose to be talking to you, not me”. So what can I do in a situation like this?

It really depends on what is written in the court order as to what he is required to do with regards to communication. If he is in contempt of the order, you need to file a motion for order to appear and show cause. Once the order is issued, it shifts the burden of proof to him to show how he is not in contempt. Your proof will be your testimony about how you have tried to communicate with him and how he does not respond to your requests for information. Any tangible evidence you can produce will be beneficial including emails and telephone recordings.