Non-Obligor Spouse clause - Need help fast

Sorry - all Exibit A really states is "each party intend to involke the separation exception to the necessaries doctrine against any claim for pmt for necessary services rendered to the other party. Thank You

Dear tatter:

Greetings. Not sure what your question is. The doctrine of necessaries just makes it so that if your spouse were to go into the hospital, the hospital could make you pay his/her bills in the event that the hospital did not have actual knowledge that you were separated. Thank you.

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I got the sep papers Fri (unsigned) an 18 pages long. My stbx owes over 100,000 in debt in his name only (he didn’t wk for 5 years & I was not aware of debt amt till last yr). He told me he would agree to not hold me responsible however papers state “Each party agrees to advise any 3rd party creditor, by way of written notice like or similar to Ex A of the sep papers before incurring any debt for necessaries including but not limited to food, clothing, medical care, shelter. Each party agrees to be exclusively responsible for any debts of this nature wheather incurred before or after separation and to hold the other party harmless should a 3rd party creditor recover money or a money judgement against the non-obligor spouse.” What is going on with the 3rd party clause about crditors? I am not on the debts - this is NC and I did not sign the application. I have an appoint with an attorney but they are really no good - but all I can’t afford. Help Please Thank You