Non-shared account accessed without consent

We have always had separate accounts (email, social media, even bank logins). Only common thing was one joint bank account and credit cards (me being primary cardholder). Filed for full custody on Mar 5, 2012. May 23, 2012 Permanent Order was entered in County Court. Same day split all finances and destroyed all credit cards. She signed a lease on June 1st and moved out (separation date) June 6th. Divorced on Nov 13, 2013.
Issue: On May 29, 2012 she somehow logged into my Orbitz account, an account she never had access to. She used her She changed the profile information to be her name and information (she denies it, but emails to my primary email account shows these changes). She even called and utilized my email and phone number to purchase a ticket under that Orbitz account (she confirmed this). Then she proceeded to purchase a ticket on a credit card she did not have physically access to (got back on May 23). I asked her to apologize for doing this on Feb 8, 2015 when I found out. I told her I’d file a police report since she accessed my account (two years prior) without my consent. She instead went to the police first since I gave her a day to figure out what happened and then when I went down to the police department, they said say she showed them a paper shows that I had purchased the ticket for her (which I am not able to find any trace of an email going to her from any of my email addresses).

Clarifications needed:

  1. Was the fact that she used my Orbitz account and proceeded to change my profile to reflect her own need, even though she never given access to this account, illegal?
  2. Was the fact that she used a credit card on May 29th which I had her return on May 23th illegal?
  3. When I pushed point #1 above as true to the police, I asked for the proof (email that she showed to them that I bought her the ticket), they just said that “it is a civil issue” and didn’t proceed further with the police report I requested (instead they filed a information report). Are they required to show me the proof? Because if I don’t have proof of said email, how can I show that it’s a fabrication.

How should I proceed?

First, I would make sure that you take action to change your passwords on your other accounts (bank, social media, travel sites, etc.) just to be safe. Unfortunately, this really isn’t a family law issue, and as such it is outside the scope of this forum. You can look into commencing a small claims action.